From the recording Hermit Kingdom-FLAC

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Willie was a farmer with a real green thumb.
He was growing it by the pound.
Met some ol' boys that wouldn't have no trouble
moving that stuff around.
Everything was looking good. It was real nice and steady.
More money than they could count.
Them country boys aint seen no sticky icky.
Thought they'd ought to like to try it out.

You now Willie didn't see no trouble
in just a little toke.
And now the whole damn town has seemed to come around
and they're buying up Willies smoke.

What can ya do? Grow on Willie, grow on!

Well the business man, he asked Willie
"How much money can your refer bring?"
He said that they can smoke it, just as fast as he can grow it.
It's like having a cash machine.

All the bible thumping christians, and sleazy politicians,
well they liked it once they gave it a try.
Even the Governor of the Great State of Missouri's
got his fingers stuck in the pie.

You know Willie didn't see no trouble
with people wanting to cut loose
But, if the Sheriff finds ol' Willie's patch
he's gonna lock him in the Calaboose

What can ya do? Grow on Willie, grown on!

Everybody wondered why the Sheriff,
he wouldn't leave ol' Willie be.
He said "No one in this county making money off of nothin'
unless they holdin' back a cut for me."

Well if you wanna know the lesson,
the lesson in the song I sing?
It's that one way or another,
every motherfucker wants to get their hands on some green.

You know the Sheriff didn't see no trouble
in being a hypocrite.
He made a whole lot of money
off of poor ol' Willie's harvest,
and he locked him up for growing it.

What can ya do? Grow on Willy, grown on!