"Do the woods scare you? Do you kinda like that feeling, though? Yes? Then, listen to this...."” - - Jarrod Starling - Carrie Nation & The Speakeasy
"Whoooooa! Eric Howell just let a trippy roots beast out and it is running wild!"” - Cris Bissell -Stearing Ships With Empty Bottles


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KSMU Studio Live 4/14/23

Eric Howell

It's Eric Howell's 'Hermit Kingdom' and we're just living in it

During the COVID-19 shut-down, singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist Eric Howell began writing and recording his latest album, Hermit Kingdom. He sat down with KSMU's Jess Balisle to talk about the recording process and what it's been like getting back to normal life.

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