1. Alone Together

From the recording Hermit Kingdom-MP3

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Here at the end of the world we're alone together.
Just out of reach, but at least, I can reach out to you.
We can remember when things were much better,
but it won't help to cry.
We'll paddle out in our boat,
and watch the world implode, tonight.

Anything I may have said
that may have made you feel that you were less, I'm sorry.
A last will and testament to all the time we spent laughing.
If these are the last words... No questions, no answers,
that won't make you cry.
As sure as the world turns, slowly it all burns tonight.

The air is filled with danger
A threat, in everything unknown.

No promise of tomorrow.
What time that we have is borrowed.
With each move we make,
close to the edge of a big mistake.
Measure each step we take,
just beyond reach of the rattlesnake.
Bending the truth to lies.
Guess we're all in for our big surprise.
Nothing to do but laugh.
Our reach has finally exceeded our grasp.

Despair gives way to anger.
Forget everything you've known.

Well they're selling us the willingness to sacrifice our own interests, my Darling.
But we'll dance across the water, like the leaves in the autumn. Quiet and slow.
We can look to one another as the current pulls us under. Hold me tightly.
We will close our eyes and kiss goodnight. I'll see you on the other side, I know.