From the recording Omnia Improvisus Ad Infinitum

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The Savage Symphony is a continuation of Modern Ice. It's the story of what happens after the ice forms.


Pressing down, bending branch
to ground. Songs sung by
winter turn forest to splinter.
Leaves limbs lying
lifeless below.
The ice cracks, the echos
delay. Quarter notes with
long decay. Tensions in
wire grow higher and tighter,
plucked out in pizzicato.
As the wind begins to scream,
hear the trees groan and sing.
Bending low before their King.
Shift to minor keys on the
northern breeze. Dissonant
and crystalline, with fractured
poly rhythmic time. Cue the
strings, the bells, the chimes
humming ghost notes.
Winter slows the speed for
the coming freeze, that once
was keeping pace, now frozen
dead in its place. The
harmonies resolve themselves
to hide in mute tones.
As the players refuse to play,
they cry out for sympathy.
Such a savage symphony.