From the recording Omnia Improvisus Ad Infinitum

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Feat. David Smith-Bass

Into These Shadows was one of the first songs I had written for myself and not a band. It is easily the oldest of the songs I play on a regular basis.


Can’t you tell that I won’t be
forced? I’ll refuse to speak.
Can’t you tell that idle hands
will be the death of me? Ten
stories tall, but still can’t reach,
so let them fall where
they be. Your hand was
forced to coincide. Your
tongue held in defeat.

And as I walk into these
shadows, and if I take a
bite of the apple, will it all
collapse--this Garden of Eden?
Too late to take back the
poison I’ve eaten. Oh, it can
be hard when you can see
all of your actions all played
out right there before you.
Oh consequence, fate’s jilted
lover--she’s come back for
the lipstick she left
on your collar.

Time holds no regrets or
lost lovers’ laments--just
keeps on keepin' on. Since
last time that we met, I
swore you’d forget our
history of authority. Are
we forced to stare into the
eyes of our wasted lives?
Forced to stare into the
wilted eyes of our
wasted lives.

Time touches all of us the
same way, eventually on
a long enough scale.
At the end of the day you
will get what you gave.
Carry your brother.
Might be you next time.